Eugene Snowden: Walk On By (The Corridor Project)

A series of pop-up art shows this morning with ongoing installations, you may still be able to see some of the artifacts of guerilla museum “The Corridor Project” and their first exhibit “Walk on By” today.

This is a performance of Burt Bacharach and Hal David, performed by Eugene Snowden of The Legendary JCs fame.

The students of Thornton Park’s Howard Middle School got into the act as well with a choreographed dance number:

Kellie Warren-Underwood: Hard Pressed feat. Mama’s Sauce

I came across this video while browsing a new website for the self-appointed Orlando Design District. Several people I know work at these design-related businesses in the Ivanhoe Village / Mills 50 area. I suppose that giving something a name and a fancy website goes a long way toward people believing it is real.

One of the businesses in the area is Mama’s Sauce, which has an almost “second coming”-level reputation in Orlando. This documentary was put together by Kellie and Nicholas some time last year, and is featured on the Mama’s Sauce website.

Hard Pressed from Kellie Warren-Underwood on Vimeo.

Mama's Sauce is a boutique print shop striving to keep tradition alive. Their work in the areas of letterpress and screen printing are what led us to them. We quickly came to find out that the way they do their work is as visually appealing as the prints themselves, lucky us. Shoppe owner, Nick Sambrato, walks us through their world as we make residence with them for days on end, and what our camera's captured show that there isn't a square inch of a traditional print shop lacking in visual appeal. Enjoy!

If you're interested in working with Nick and his team, you can learn more about them and their work here:

Mr. Eyes Motion Graphics Demo Reel

I found Miguel Reyes because he is doing work for video training site Treehouse – clearly he either attended FullSail or worked there at some point. I will never stop being baffled by how one designs beautiful things, let alone beautiful things that move. Keep up the good work, dude.

Mr. Eyes Demo Reel 2011 from Miguel Reyes on Vimeo.

Portfolio Site:
Music: Himan "Sunset"


00:06 – Design Your World / Design & Animation / Art Director Ricardo López De Azúa
00:09 – Full Circle Concept A / Design, Animation, & Logo Design
00:11 – Full Circle Looping Logo / Design, Animation
00:15 – GSG 5 Second Project "Straight Lines" / Design, Animation
00:17 – Full Circle Concept B / Design & Animation / Logo Design By Mike Casebolt
00:19 – GSG 5 Second Project "Best Present Ever" / Design & Animation
00:21 – GSG 5 Second Project "Reverse" / Design & Animation
00:24 – Music Video Titles Sequence for Kap Kallous / Design & Animation / Director SeanDammit
00:27 – Full Sail University 2010 Hall of Fame Looping Logo / Animation
00:29 – Full Sail University Creative Minds Commercial / 1 of 4 Animators
00:36 – Full Sail Brand Level Magic Campaign for The Amway Arean / Animation & Additional 3d Elements
00:40 – Full Sail University 2010 Hall of Fame Looping Logo / Animation
00:42 – GSG 5 Second Project "Straight Lines" / Design, Animation
00:43 – Full Sail University End Tag / Design & Animation
00:46 – Full Circle Concept A / Design, Animation, & Logo Design
00:49 – Full Circle Concept A / Design & Animation / Logo Design By Mike Casebolt
00:52 – Full Sail Brand Level Magic Campaign for The Amway Arean / Animation & Additional 3d Elements
00:53 – GSG 5 Second Project "Straight Lines" / Design, Animation
00:55 – Design Your World / Design & Animation / Art Director Ricardo López De Azúa

Mosa Media: The Movement by Lazy Afternoon

The Movement by Lazy Afternoon from Mosa Media on Vimeo.

The NEW monthly gathering of Orlando’s most intellectual and open-minded music aficionados. You can plan to “release…yourself!” on the dance floor once a month at The Movement. First Saturday of every month will now be your perfect escape from the 9-5. Brought to you by the one and only Lazy Afternoon.

Filling in for the great Rich Medina this month will be none other then DJ Scratch.

Venue: Substance Gallery, 934 mills ave Orlando, fl

Video Made by: Mosa


Jessica Castro: Lillet Poached Pears Recipe

I came across local photog Jessica Castro after a series of links – kickstarter pages, a local UCF grad, Jessica had shot her and posted to flickr, a poster image from this video linking to Jessica’s Vimeo account and this video. Sort of the “six degrees” way I find many of the videos for this blog. I really love the aesthetic. And as much depth-of-field blur as we see these days, I think it actually worked here.

Lillet Poached Pears from jessica castro on Vimeo.

Parting thought: while I really enjoy the handheld feel, I wonder if a little bit of manual stabilization, such as a $15 Steadycam could have helped.

Oviedo Food Truck Battle

Food Truck Wars from Suzie Vigon on Vimeo.

Quoting Anjali Fluker from the Orlando Business Journal blog: Food Truck Wars debuts in Oviedo this March

Food Truck Wars, which will be at the Oviedo Mall on March 31, will feature all the delicious dishes and treats prepared by participating trucks along with a beer and wine garden, live music and a silent auction, whose proceeds will benefit local charities. The event, sponsored by the mall and the city of Oviedo, is free, but food and drink will be for sale.

As part of the fun, a video featuring Louieā€™s Bistro owner Luis Colon, the Country Chuck Wagon owner Larry Long and Oviedo Mayor Dominic Persampiere promises fun galore at the inaugural event.

The Arts Hotel – Park Lake Faith Arts Village

I recently noticed a link to “the Arts Hotel” on the United Arts of Central Florida page on Facebook. I was instantly curious. I found this video:

Faith Arts Village Orlando is a ministry of Park Lake Presbyterian Church that provides a place where the faith community and local artists can work together to share their gifts of inspiration, beauty, and spiritual expression to promote peace, understanding, and well-being in the larger community.

As a ‘village’ it will emphasize the activity and integration of many constituents: local artists, church members, community patrons, schools, and civic groups. The Faith and Arts Village may include:

  • Studio space for artists
  • Green and exhibit space for community gathering
  • Meeting and classroom space
  • Gallery space
  • Open air markets
  • Outdoor performance space
  • Cafe space for refreshments
  • Office space for administration
  • Possible future residential space for designated guests
  • Mission outreach through the arts
  • Encouraging art as an expression of faith

Snapwell: Orlando Film Festival

The Orlando Film Festival has been around for… almost 7 years now. They started with a few screenings at CityArts Factory and DMAC (Avalon Island) with the promise of moving the the new Plaza Cinema, which took years to open, though it was on the books and mostly built out their first year. Now it is growing into a great event showcasing Downtown Orlando, which we could honestly use more of. Not as large or well-established as their spring counterpart hosted by Enzian, but still a fun and enriching event.

Orlando Film Festival opening night from Snapwell Films on Vimeo.

I know Marlon and Jeff of Snapwell Films from their involvement in Urban ReThink – they even produced a promotional video to help us out.

Protestors wrestled out of a Tea Party event

I saw someone who was apparently pro-TeaParty post this video to a blog because he was proud that someone roughed up these three girls… I don’t think anyone should be proud of that. I definitely don’t have all of the backstory, but it seems like they had something to say against the speaker, a Tea Party supporter from Arizona, Sherrif Joe Arpaio. According to Wikipedia, “Arpaio has become a flashpoint for controversy surrounding Arizona’s SB1070 anti-illegal immigration act.”

The person who posted this on his YouTube channel is a Jason W Hoyt, who claims to be one of the “founding fathers” of the Tea Party Movement.